Thursday, July 06, 2006

Tantrums and temporary tattoos

WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! I didn't get my new/used van today!!! Can I please throw a temper tantrum? Can I stomp my feet? Can I throw myself on the ground and say " IT's not fair?"

Okay I feel better now that I got that out. And yes I am still getting the van, but I just didn't get it today. And I really really really wanted it today!

And I appologize for my behavour, but I was around Princess Perfect this afternoon and her tantrums rubbed off on me. Speaking of Princess Perfect, if any moms of girls are reading this I have a serious question for all of you and please respond. Something has been bothering me since last week. Princess Perfect ( who is my five year old niece) was showing me her temporary tatoos. No problem right? Well I thought the two butterflies on her ankles were cute, but when she pulled the back of her shorts down to show me the one on her back very very low on her back, I had a sick feeling in my stomach. And then the next day she showed me one that was under her belly button very low. I just don't think those are appropriate ares on a young childs body to have temporary tattoos. I wanted to say something to her mother, since she is my niece I do worry about her and what she is being taught, but I held my tongue. My question to all of you other moms out there, am I being too sensitive about this or do you also feel it is inappropriate for a child to have temporary tatoos in those places? Oh yeah, two weeks ago she had a rose on her chest. I have all boys, but if I had a girl I would not allow her to have temporary tatoos in those areas of her body.

Okay, enough about Princess Perfect, but please give me some advise on this. Should I voice my concerns to her parents about this?


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