Saturday, July 01, 2006

First booboo

Bubba just got his first bloody lip. I am sure of many! He is sitting in my lap enjoying a nice icee watching me record this milestone. He is fine and only cried a little, but he learned the perils of crawling with a toy in his mouth!

Speaking of bloody booboos, I am doing the mommy dance! Picasso made it through June without a trip to the ER! He has broken the curse! The last two summers have started off with serious booboos with trips to the ER. The first time was seven stitches to the forehead because his cousin accidentally hit him with a crochet mallet( not Sure of the correct spelling). And last summer we spent Fathers day in two different ER's because he got too close to a 2x10 that was being used as a catapult by some older children. We were VERY lucky and I thank GOD everyday that he wasn't killed by that board! An inch higher and his nose bone could have been pushed into his brain! As it was the first ER diagnosed him with a broken nose and his upper lip had seperated from the gumline, which they tried to stitch, but couldn't. Sooo he was rushed by ambulance to a childrens hospital because they said he was going to require surgery to reattach it! I prayed all the way to the next hospital, and yes miracles do occur and prayers do get answered! we got there and the doctors there said his nose wasn't broken and he didn't need surgery that kids mouths heal easily and quickly. After a couple of days of homemade shakes, he was able to eat regular food. He is still sensitive when he gets hit in that area while playing but he is a very resiliant kid!

So I am celebrating no major booboos!!! And praying none occur in the future!


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