Sunday, June 18, 2006

Is baseball season Ever going to End?

Just when I thought I was returning to a normal schedule, of housework, watching the kids play outside, and taking them to the Beach, BAM , Buddy makes the ALL-STAR team! This is really awesome news and I am truly happy for him, really I am. But we have been living at baseball fields since April and Bubba is just not a happy camper sitting in the stroller anymore. He wants OUT! I put him on the grass and he is in his glory, but that means, chasing him, making sure he isn't getting to much fiber in his diet(grass, leaves, flowers, sticks,etc., etc.) or too much minerals(rocks). While making sure the sky doesn't fall on him ( Foul Balls). All while trying to cheer on Buddy or Picasso while they are playing. Oh and I can't forget to mention Buddy gets BORED at Picasso's T-ball games, and whines "do I have to go!". Luckily for me and another Baseball weary mom whose oldest son plays on the same team as Buddy and whose Daughter plays on Picasso's team, the two older boys go play catch or practice in the adjacent softball field.
I really don't mind my kids being busy, it just makes it hectic and Bubba is too young to understand why he is being dragged all over the place!
We finally made it to the beach the other day! I have been promising the boys I would take them, but we kept getting rain! Now the rain is gone and it is HOT, HOT, HOT! Bubba loved the beach so much he decided not to take a nap! He took a 45 min power nap and then didn't go to bed till 10 pm that night! The most amazing part of that was he wasn't cranky or anything! He was happy as a clam! I will try to write daily, but it isn't easy to get the time to sit and blg every day! Maybe someday I can get a laptop and I will be ablt to Blog to my hearts content!


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