Friday, April 14, 2006

Chaotic week

It has been several days since I last posted. Let's see...Monday was the first day that both Buddy and Picasso were to have baseball practice at the same time. Dear hubby and I had it all planned out. He would take Picasso and I would take Buddy and Bubba would go with me. I had planned on making quick grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner before we left. They both had practice at 5 at two different fields. DH went to help a friend with something at 3:30 and planned on being back in time to take Picasso to practice. Picasso and Buddy were outside playing and riding bikes and I was keeping an eye on the time. Around 4:15 I was about to call the boys in to get ready and eat, well....that's where chaos insued! Buddy came running in( he had just spoke with one of his teammates that live in our neighborhood)" Mom I have to get ready for practice! We have a scrimmage at 4:30!" I calmly replied, " your coach had said it was at 5:00" " no it is at 4:30!" he anxiously replied! I asked Picasso to clean up come in and get ready for his practice. Buddy got himself ready. My mom happened to be over and she got Bubba ready while I packed a bottle for him. I called DH in a panic because he wasn't home yet. My mom couldn't drive Buddy to practice because she had stuff in her back seat. I managed to leave the driveway at 4:30 with all three kids. I got to the first ball field at 4:40 dropped off Buddy watched as he ran to the dugout as soon as he was in the dugout I left to bring Picasso to his practice. I felt so uncomfortable leaving Buddy there, some would call me a paroniod mom, but I don't leave my children anywhere without a trusted adult being with them. I know the coaches were there, but I still don't know them that well. Anyways, we got to the other ball field and no one from Picasso's team was there yet. Then finally they showed up and started to practice. DH showed up and then I took Bubba and went back to watch Buddy. Needless to say we got home at 7:30 and ate a late dinner. I can't stand eating that late because then the boys don't get to bed until late. Tuesday we had a day off from baseball, but DH had to work which meant single parent mode. DH works 24 hr shifts. Wednsday I had planned on making dinner as soon as the boys got home from school while they were doing their homework because Buddy had practice again at 4:30. I thought I had it all set, I had everything ready to be cooked before going down to the busstop. Well we didn't get home from the busstop until 3:40, I started dinner, and Buddy and Picasso did their homework. Picasso wound up needing my assistance which was difficult because I was trying to cook. Bubba was getting hungry for his dinner. And Buddy was getting ready for his practice and yelling at his brother to hurry and finish his homework. Dinner was ready at 4:15, we all ate, or inhaled our dinner and then it was off to baseball again! Then we didn't get home until 7:30 AGAIN! But at least we had eaten before we left!Oh DH was working another 24 hr shift which meant I was in single parent mode for 48 hors straight! Boy does that give me greater respect for military wives and single parents that go longer periods without that extra set of hands! Thursday was all planned out again, DH would take Picasso to his practice and I would take Buddy and Bubba to Buddy's practice. DH went to the busstop to get the boys and I started dinner. It ran smoothly, DH and Picasso showed up to Buddy's practice after Picasso's practice. Then the thunder and lightning started! We came home and listened to the storm outside! Boy it was fierce! Today is Friday the boys don't have school so they had to clean their room before going outside to play. They just finished and are excited about riding their bikes. Bubba is hungry for lunch so I must go....but THAT has been my chaotic week!


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