Thursday, March 30, 2006

Survived Grocery Shopping!

Wound up taking all three boys with me to the grocery store and survived! Stuck to my list.....(no cookies!)....and managed not to lose any of the kids....and also didn't pull out any of my hair! LOL Although it was an experience that I don't know wether I want to continuously repeat on a regular basis. Bubba kept trying to grab and eat the grocery list...Picasso kept jumping from square to square through the isles.....and Buddy just wanted to hurry up and get done. But I didn't blame him because about an hour before we were going to go to the store he crashed on his bike and the handle bar scraped his chest pretty good. I told him, " Geez Buddy, you flip in your race car and you don't get a scratch, but you ride your bike and you get hurt." It definately reafirms my belief that he IS safer in his racecar with all of his safety equipment than he is on his bike! I called dear hubby before going to the store and he met us there to check him out and make sure Buddy was okay. ( Dear hubby is an EMT/Firefighter and met us in the Firetruck) He said he would be sore naturally, but otherwise he was okay.


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