Sunday, March 26, 2006

Funny things kids do and say!

Yesterday was full of funny happenings at my house. I had gone grocery shopping on Friday, so the refrigerator and cabinets were full. I had carefully made my grocery list before I went( To stick to my budgeted amount for food.) And dear hubby had added Cookies to the list, which I got. When eldest dear son got home from school and saw the cookies he asked why I got cookies. Because your dad wanted them. He took a cookie and went out to play.

Well...dear hubby had been working in the garage on eldest dear sons race car(yes my 10yr old races!) and came in looking for a snack.

Dear hubby " Is there any ice cream?"
Me " No, I didn't get any, but I did get cookies for you because you added them to the grocery list."
Dear hubby " I didn't add anything to the grocery list?"
Me " Yes you did it was your handwriting!"
Dear hubby "I didn't add anything to the list, let me see the list."
Me " It is in my purse."
Dear hubby finds the list and starts laughing immediately.
Dear hubby " look carefully at the word cookies"
Me " that little stinker!'

It wasn't dear hubby who added it to the list it was eldest dear son, the giveaway was the spelling "cookeis", which I hadn't looked at carefully before because I was busy shopping! When eldest dear son was asked he started laughing! He said it was funny that dad got blamed for wanting the cookies! It was pretty comical! Note To Self, Need to start hiding the grocery list.

Later in the evening we had our two nephews over, the four boys had fun playing together. When dinnertime rolled around we gave them each their portions and they started to eat. We gave them all a cup of milk also. Middle dear son chugged his glass of milk and asked for more, before touching any food on his plate. Dear hubby, who was trying to help with the older four boys while I fed youngest dear son his dinner, gave him more milk without requiring him to eat a little first. Can't blame him though it was very chaotic, this one wanted more chicken, that one wanted more corn, another wanted more chicken and broccoli. Well, everyone else had finished and youngest dear son said he was full. I looked at his plate and he might have taken two bites of his cheese macaroni.

Me " you need to eat more of your dinner."
Middle dear son " I am full."
Me " That is because you drank all your milk first and didn't eat anything off your plate."
Middle dear son " I AM FULL."
Me " That is fine, but in ten minutes when you decide your hungry your not getting dessert or a snack."
Middle dear son " your not the boss of me GOD is, I don't have to listen to you, only GOD."
Me " Honor thy mother and thy father, it is one of the ten commandments! Which is gods law, so yes you do have to listen to me! You can look it up in the bible if you'd like."
Middle dear son " Do I have to eat ALL of it?"
Me " Just a couple bites of your chicken and a couple bites of your veggies."
Middle dear son " Okay"

This exchange reminded me of when I was pregnant with middle dear son and had just come home from grocery shopping with eldest dear son( Who was 3 at the time). I was due any day, dear hubby was at a firefighter memorial service. While I was putting away groceries from the car into the house, eldest dear son was playing out front in the flower bed. Well, I got into the kitchen and my sciatic nerve acted up, my leg went out from under me. There I was in pain sitting on the kitchen floor, not being able to get up.

Me " Buddy, please come in the house."
Eldest dear son " I playing mommy."
Me " I know but I need you to come inside now, mommy is hurt and mommy can't watch you play outside, please come in so mommy knows your safe."
Eldest dear son " Don't worry mommy GOD will watch me play."

What was I supposed to say to that? We teach our children to trust in GOD and when they show you that they do have that faith what do you do?

That day was definately a lesson in faith for me. I sat on the kitchen floor crying, called my mom to come help me. And finally Buddy came in from outside when he was done playing and helped me get into the recliner and take my shoes off.


Blogger David said...

I used to say things like that to my parents when i was little. This really made me smile

6:22 PM  

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