Friday, March 24, 2006

Peace and Quiet......For now.

I am enjoying some peace and quiet while eldest dear son and middle dear son are visiting at their cousins. Youngest dear son is sleeping and dear hubby is bowling. So tonight the testosterone is not pulsing through my house. I love my boys, but sometimes I long for some girl time.

Eldest dear son is heading into the tweens and OH BOY, he is noticing girls and the skantily clad women on TV and in other media sources everywhere. I know how I felt going through these years as a young girl, but how can I relate my experiences to fit into a young boys perspective? I am dreading the fateful "Talk". I know we need to have it sooner than later. I do not want to become a Grandma before I am forty!!!! Which technically could happen and is really scary! I thought only women and girls got PMS? Oh, sometimes his mood swings lately!!! He can be really sweet one moment and then the next give such an attitude!! And he has started that all too familiar I love you mom and dad but don't make me say it in public or around my friends!!He even called from school the other day, he forgot his homework. When dear hubby said "love ya bud" he didn't want to say love ya back! At least I still get cuddles from Middle dear son and "I love you mommy". Oh, but his time will come too..........all too soon.

Well...there goes peace and quiet Youngest dear son has awoken!The sweetness of babies!He is reaching for the keyboard to add his two cents. must go for now before he touches the wrong key and I lose everything.......


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