Monday, January 07, 2013

Is there Bigfoot or not?

So one of my boys favorite shows to watch is Finding Bigfoot. Bubba, says he wants to be a bigfoot finder. It is interesting to watch the show and see what they find. Usually the evidence is merely circumstantial, with vague noises. Although there are several pictures of footprints. I do believe though that there really are bigfoot creatures out there and that they are more human than animal. This would explain why they have never been caught. They are very smart and know how to stay what do you believe? Is there Bigfoot's among us?

Sunday, January 06, 2013

It has been way too long....

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted on my blog. It has been the testosterone has not killed me. Life has just gotten completely crazy.
Let's see I got back into teaching and currently teach preschool, I am also currently going to college to get my associates degree in early childhood education, and I am still raising my 3 boys I gave birth to and the one I married.
So my life is definitely a juggling act!
Buddy is now 16 and is learning to drive on roads instead of racetracks. He retired from racing when he was 13, he just got too big for his racecar. He is a volunteer firefighter, signed up on his 16th birthday. No surprise there he has always wanted to follow in his dads footsteps. He goes to a technical high school where he is learning the plumbing trade.
Picasso is now 13 and wants to go to the same high school as his brother. He has gone through alot over the last few years. He was bullied alot and we wound up moving to a better school system. I have seen him go from an unhappy, shy boy, to an outgoing happy teenager.
Bubba is now 7. He is still as smart as ever. He amazes me. He loves animals and has alot of friends.
DH has been through hell and back losing 3 coworkers, two in the last two years. They were both young. One died of cancer the other suicide. Very difficult, I think a piece of DH died with them. He just isn't the same.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Now I know why it is important to learn to count to ten....

it is so when you become a parent you can do it over and over again so you don't go insane. I knew parenting would be hard, heck I remember what my brothers and I put my parents through. Yet I never realized it would require such patience and understanding that would have to come from the inner depths of my heart and soul.

Raising three children in today's society is an inevitable juggling act. Raising three boys with such differing personalities, needs, ages, and stages is more like performing in a three ring cicus on a daily basis.

Bubba has been on the move since he started walking and doesn't stay still for any length of time, even when he is sleeping he is rolling around! We have had to rearrange the house too many times to count so he doesn't get into things or climb. He is an amazing child that just exhausts me! I am typing this as fast as I can because he is actually sleeping right now and I really needed to get some things off my mind.

Buddy is really growing up and maturing fast. He turned eleven a few months ago and it has been a roller coaster of good days and bad days with the pre-teen attitude. Recently though there have been more good days then bad. Could there really be light at the end of the tunnel?

And yet, Piccasso has been doing things recently that I never ever thought he would do. He has lied to us several times and today he got in trouble for writing on the seat of the bus!( Which incidently he lied to me about yesterday!) I know this too shall pass and I know what he is doing is in some ways a stage. I just hate feeling that I can't trust him. I am so disappointed in his behaviour. He is a good kid and he knows right from wrong. He knows lying is not okay and this is the 3rd or 4th time in the last 3 months! I just keep counting to 10 and trying to keep my cool with him. He got detention at school and he has to clean the seat tommorrow morning. We had him also write a note appologizing to the bus driver, he can't play with his little friend across the street ( since the two of them were partners in this crime) for a week, and we had him write "Writing is for paper not for buses" 20 times. We tried to make the punishment fit the crime. I just hope it prevents him from ever doing it again and makes him think about the consequences of his actions from now on.

For those of you with boys looking to see if you will survive, the answer is.................................yes...just remember to take deep breaths and count to ten........OFTEN!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Crazy Choatic Life!!!

I know one of my resolutions was to start blogging again, and truthfully the only resolution I have been actively working on is my AVON business. My business is doing real well and I am extremely happy! I am praying that all will continue to go well and we will be able to either put the addition on our house or find a bigger affordable house to move into.

As for Buddy, Picasso, and Bubba they all have been sick on and off with Strep throat since right before Christmas. They all are going to the ear nose and throat doctor this week. we will see what they say. I really think they will be taking out their tonsils since they have had strep 3 times in 10 weeks!

I am not looking forward to dealing with all three of them having surgery.

Baseball season will be starting soon and so will racing season! This year Picasso will be racing too! He is very excited about it! I really miss writing in my blog! I have been just sooo busy!! I haven't even had time to keep up on my favorite bloggers out there in blog land!

Soon I will be back to blogging again, real soon!

Please keep checking back to see if I have started up again! And feel free to read the archives if you haven't already!