Friday, October 13, 2006

Wow! Another month has flown by!

Geez I thought with the boys back in school I would have more time to write in my Blog! Boy was I wrong! Bubba turned a year old in September and he is in high gear toddler mode! I try to get housework, and Business stuff done while he is napping because if I don't he is just into everything!
Buddy is enjoying fifth grade and is showing tremendous maturity when it comes to homework! No issues with having him get it done!
Picasso is also enjoying school but he doesn't like all the homework! LOL
DH has taken on another part time job, to help us figure out wether we are going to buy a bigger house or put an addition on.
Me I am trying real hard to have my AVON business succeed and truthfully am doing better at it than I have done with any other home based business.
So in a nutshell we have been busy! I miss the Blogosphere though! I will be back regularly eventually!


Blogger Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

same here...

12:08 AM  
Blogger Janelle said...

Hi! I have three boys too, mine are younger. I keep checking in knowing that you're busy, but hoping you'll keep posting so you'll be my proof that all the testosterone won't drown me!

11:04 AM  

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