Thursday, August 10, 2006

AWWWW Skunks!

This week has been filled with skunks! Yes, those stinky little obnoxious creatures, who are truly cute looking. We have been having the little critters over for dinner frequently over the summer, when we so graciously forget to bring in the cat food. Well, we were lucky to remember NOT to invite them last saturday night when we had company over and my cousins little boy was trying to catch my cats. I was so afraid our furry little "guests" would show up uninvited. But they were quite gracious not to crash the party.

We went on our camping trip with good friends of ours to a campground we had never been to before. They neglected to tell us that our furry little "guests" had family at the campground. Their "family" were quite friendly and cruised through the campsites in search of their midnight snacks on a nightly basis, violateing the campground rule of "cutting through sites". But since they were very quiet and didn't cause a "stink" we didn't complain about them passing through. However the campers next to us forgot to take their trash in which gave one of the little critters quite a feast for 45 minutes, while onlookers tried to scare him away by throwing rocks near it. The next day at the pool there was people talking about how they were held captive by some of these critters while they ate their garbage.

Well, while we were camping the neighbors were watching our dog for us and last night we received a phone call at 10pm. Our dog broke up a little moonlit stroll of one of our little guests and she got sprayed. She wasn't too happy and she decided to play with the little fellow and she accidently killed it. The neighbor bathed her for us and stuck her in the garage for the night. When we got home they were airing out our garage and the dog was airing out outside, she still had stink to her. So we bathed her again in a special solution, and now she is no longer a stinkly dog.

It was very skunk free tonight, I am sure they are in mourning for their fellow comrade, I just hope they aren't planning a major retaliation!


Blogger Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

i love camping but i do not like skunk smells!

1:52 PM  

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