Monday, July 31, 2006

Summer memories

I was over at Live Each Moment this morning and was reminded of two things. One I am grateful what God has provided for me and my family and two to write a Monday Memory.

As I was sitting watching my children play this past week camping, I reminisced about my summers growing up. We didn't have a pool growing up so my parents bought a season swimming pass at one of the local campgrounds on the lake. Everyday my mom would pack us all up with lunches and sand toys and we would go to the lake. The really remarkable thing about this(I didn't appreciate it until I had my own children) was that my mom didn't know how to swim! Yet she still brought us to the lake which must have given her so much anxiety! That lake is where my dad taught me to swim. It is where I had my first boat ride. It is where my parents first gave us kids a taste of independance by allowing us to walk by ourselves up to the campground rec hall/store. We made so many friends over the years from all over the place because it was a campground. We would feed the squirrels cheese doodles, yes squirrels like cheese doodles! We would build sand castles that stretched the length of the beach. We would hide from each other under the docks, which had airpockets underneath. Our eyes would burn from opening them underwater all day. We were tan and didn't worry about skin cancer. WHen it got dark and we went home we would play flashlight tag in the neighborhood. We used to catch tons of fireflys. Which brings me to a sad conclusion, Where did the fireflys all go? I know we didn't catch them all. My kids don't know that joy of chasing the blinking little critters and catching them in a jar because we never see any. If by chance we see one it is just that one. When I was a kid there were millions or so it seemed. So now the fireflys are just another monday memory.


Blogger Kili @ Live Each Moment said...

Don't you love memories like that? And after being a parent realizing some of the sacrificing that our parents made on our behalf. What a great memory to have!

9:04 AM  

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