Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My name is MomOf3BusyBoys and I am a blogging addict!

I am a thinker, I am always thinking. I have found lately as I do my housework, as I play with my children, as I have conversations with my friends, that I am always thinking about what to write next on my blog. I am even dreaming about blogging. So I guess you can say I am a blogging addict.
You may ask how this addiction started? Well I got started by reading Daring Young Mom she is a very creative writer and I love reading her blog everyday, you must check out her blog. But wait! Stay here and check mine out first, okay?
In my quest to become a Blogger I have come across several cool blogs that I enjoy reading Shannon has become one of my all time favorites. She has actually single handedly brought the most traffic to my site by her WFMW Game that I participate in.
I can totally relate to Blest With Sons since I too have 3 sons and enjoy reading her Blog about raising boys.
But as I said I am a thinker and I wonder to myself why I haven't shared my little addiction with any of my friends( Except one dear one who I would trust my life with :) ). She has read it and told me she enjoyed reading my Blog. I am trying to convince her to start her own Blog. I know she would have an awsome one, because she is such an awesome person and she is a dedicated mom to triplets! ;) So those of you reading this if you can leave a comment saying you would like to read about her experiences raising triplets I am sure she will read the comments and consider it. But anyways, I have realized I am afraid to trust my inner thoughts and feelings with those that know me, maybe because then I might be vulnerable. But I have no problem with complete strangers reading my inner thoughts and feelings because they don't know me and so there is that level of protection. I know I won't fall victim to vicious gossip, or at least I would hope I wouldn't. But trusting people I know to read this would be opening up myself to their judgement, which isn't what I want. So for now at least I will limit who I trust my blog to.
I need to intereupt my thought process right now because we have severe thunderstorms coming our way and I need to shut down my computer. But I will be back, yes I will, because I can't stay away from the blogosphere!


Blogger Maggie said...

I have not told my husband that I have been keeeping a blog. I understand you perfectly.

2:37 PM  

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