Saturday, July 08, 2006


Bubba is no longer Bubba he has transformed himself into Harry Houdini. Yes, I am convinced my 9 month old is a reincarnation of the ever famous escape artist! If he is confined in any way shape or form he will be bound and determined to get out!

Exersaucer- Can use No more. WHY? Because he can get out of it!

Swing- That was gone about 3 months ago when he was showing signs of his houdininess.

High Chair- He has learned to escape from that, and yes it has straps that I do use, but alas, my talented son can and WILL get out!

Strollers- we are on our third one, trying to find an escape proof one that of course doesn't cost alot!

He tries hard to get out of his crib and pack and play, and when we put him in his car seat he watches ever so carefully how we are buckling him up. I can see those little wheels in his head turning." okay you push the red button and pull the do-hickies out and walla!"

So now I must be even more vigilant about where HE is when I have to run downstairs to do the laundry, or be in another room cleaning, or god forbid if I need to use the ladies room. Which by the way, for moms everywhere is probably single handedly the most not private thing in the world to do because you know the minute you have to go they are barging in with some problem or another!

How do we get to escape??? I know I get very little me time during the course of the day. I am lucky if I get my 15 minute shower in without any interuptions.

Well, Bubba is asleep now and Buddy and Picasso are too, so I am going to RUN and get my shower and have a little me time before they all wake up!


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