Wednesday, June 28, 2006

When did I get so old???

This sucks! I know I don't usually use language like that and if Picasso heard me or saw this he would tell DH I need vinegar on my tongue( Which is our punishment for bad words and not appropriate language).

I am getting old! How did I come to this realization? Is it the multiplying grey hairs sprouting from my head? Is it the tiny lines appearing around the corners of my eyes and mouth? Is it because I prefer sleep over passionatte sex most of the time? Is it because I don't have the energy to keep up with my three boys?

Yes, to all of the above and most importantly, I can't do super mom mode like I used to. You know what I am talking about, the mornings you get up and feel full of energy, you shrug off the grey hair and the fine lines, You look forward to a night of passionatte sex, you zoom through the housework like a mechanical robot on a mission, and you feel like you could run a marathon with your kids strapped to your back with your eyes closed!

Yeah right! That is the type of mood I was in yesterday morning! I was zooming through my day getting alot done until I went to put Bubba down for a nap! Then it went down hill from there! I had him in my arms and had shifted him onto my hip as I straddled a gate, while bending down to find his pacifier, and yup you guessed it!

I felt a sharp pain in my back! I think I muttered some vinegar words, I yelled for Buddy to quickly come get Bubba and put him in the crib for me, which he did! ( There are days he is such an angel!) I manuvered my way over the gate, hobbled to my bed, and cautiously laid down to ease the pain.

I put a frantic call in to DH who was working overtime, I told him not to come home but I wanted to let him know about the situation. I called my mom, for reinforcements to help with Bubba, and got no answer! So Bubba and I took a nap, I was hoping my back would feel much better when I got up and I wouldn't need any help. No such luck!

Thank God for moms! My mom called while I was in the shower trying to help the muscles in my back and Buddy told her what happened. She came to my house to help. She bought the boys MCDonalds for dinner because they helped when I got hurt. I called a neighbor to take Buddy to All Star practice. So all in all it worked out okay.

But it still made me realize I am not getting any younger and yes that sucks!


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