Tuesday, May 02, 2006

1 week down No Spots!

Well, it is officially one week since the boys were exposed to the chicken pox and so far so good no spots! They are getting annoyed with the twice a day checks for the spots, once in the morning before they get dressed for school and once at night after their baths or showers before they go to bed. But, me being the ever vigilant, slightly paranoid mom that I am will continue with the spot checks for another two weeks until the incubation period ends. Buddy and Picasso have less of a chance of getting the dreaded spots than Bubba does because they got the chicken pox shot and Bubba isn't old enough for it yet. Buddy is becoming a hypochondriac, every time he itches he thinks he is getting the chicken pox! Picasso keeps asking if he will die if he gets the chicken pox, of course I tell him no. I explain to him he will be very uncomfortable. And Bubba doesn't care if he has spots or not he is too busy crawling all over the house and exploring his ever expanding world. He pulled himself up to standing in his crib for the first time tonight and buddy said, " Uh Oh We're In Trouble!"

Picasso is having a hard time holding his tongue and can't stop swearing! Urgh, it is so frustrating! He had a run in with two boys on the bus this morning. Both are supposed to be his friend, but they didn't act like it. One got mad at him because another little friend sat with Picasso instead of him and told Picasso he wasn't going to be invited to his birthday party and then another little boy threw something at Picasso and hit him in the eye. So Picasso got mad and called them both a*******! Not that what he said was right or okay but I can understand why he called them that.

Buddy is sleep walking, I think. Last night Iwent into their bedroom to turn off lights and found a puddle on the floor! Yup, one of them peed on the floor! I asked each of them about it this morning and they both denied knowing anything about it. But Buddy said he dreamed he had to go to the bathroom and then the feeling went away, so I concluded he must have slept walked and peed! I know it wasn't the dog because she was out in the living room with me and their door was closed.

It is late and I am getting tired.....Hopefully tommorrow will be spot free too!


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