Saturday, April 01, 2006

Things Kids Love About Summer and Parents Don't Love About Summer

Kids Love - The ice cream man coming down the road every day!
Parents DON'T Love - The flippin ice cream man coming down the road every darn day!

Kids Love - 2 or 3 months off from school!
Parents DON'T Love - No school for 2 or 3 months, What is the school district thinking?

Kids Love - Getting up as early as possible to go out to play!
Parents DON'T Love - They can get up early no problem in the summer, but come schooltime it is like pulling teeth to get them out of BED!!!!!

Kids Love - Skipping lunch because their too busy playing!
Parents DON'T Love - Them skipping lunch because their too busy playing when you've taken the time to make a nice nutritious lunch and during the wintertime if you don't make them lunch on time your a mean mom!

Anyone got any to add? Please feel free to comment!


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