Friday, March 31, 2006

Living Paycheck to paycheck

Okay, I am really getting tired of living from paycheck to paycheck. We Finally get a decent tax return and BAM its gone cause we have to pay car taxes and house taxes and re-register the truck! URGH!!!!!! Thats right we used our TAX RETURN to PAY MORE TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, didn't our forefathers come to this country to avoid taxation???? I know, I know it was taxation without representation, but isn't the whole point of having representation so that our representatives vote for what is best for their constituants???? I know I don't like taxes, especially when I see my tax dollars being wasted! I don't mind paying taxes if it goes to EDUCATION, POLICE PROTECTION, and FIRE PROTECTION, not so these well to-doer politicians can get richer......Hey can I throw tax return booklets into the ocean in protest??????Who's with me on this one????

Sorry no posting about the kids today...they played outside and enjoyed another beautiful spring day!!!


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