Thursday, March 30, 2006

Fresh air and Dinosaur Eggs!

Didn't get to post yesterday, just didn't have time to sit down and write. Bubba had is six month check up yesterday so by the time I got Buddy and Picasso on the bus for school and walked back to the house, I had to get Bubba ready to go. He is 18 and 1/2 pounds, 26 1/2 inches long, and according to the Dr. doing great developmentally! He got two shots( Oh how it breaks my heart to see him cry in pain!). He is such a good natured baby, he hardly crys, at least not the wailing kind of cry that can drive parents crazy! His cry is more of a low pitch whine.....and most of the time you can get him to stop instantly and get him giggling just by playing with him. He has slept better the last two nights( Thank GOD!, I was starting to get REAL CRANKY from lack of sleep and I hate being cranky!) Tuesday night we decided to have Bubba sleep in the living room in the pack n play. This worked out real well, no slats to get his little legs caught in the middle of the night. He in fact stayed basically in the same position most of the night...which rarely happens in his crib. He fussed a couple times because his pacifier had fallen out and he couldn't find it, but other than that he slept well. Then last night we put him in his crib.....He fussed for his pacifier...BUT he didn't wake up to play, so he slept fairly well again! ( Could be because his little legs still are sore from the shots.) Hopefully he will continue down the road to sweet slumbering.

Buddy and Picasso had a half day from school yesterday. They got home and did their homework outside since it was beautiful outside! I can't see making them sit inside and do their homework when they can do it in the fresh air. Afterwards, they went across the street with their friends and worked on their KIDS PARK. It is a little patch of woods in the neighbors yard that they have cleared for bike trails and just hanging out! Even one of the girls got her digital camera out took some pictures and made a cute brochure about it! She is so creative!

We had to eat dinner early because I had to take Buddy to his baseball practice at 4:30. So Bubba, Picasso, and I sat and watched Buddy practice. Picasso found a dinosaur egg! ( Really a rock, but he has such an imagination!) And of course where there is dirt Picasso will find it to play this case roll in...down a hill.....with his good jacket on! I was cringing watching him, but I also remember what fun I used to have rolling down hills! Bubba learned to throw by watching the baseball players....he kept throwing his rattle for Picasso to pick up....until Picasso refused to play anymore! He was too busy finding Dinosaur eggs!

Busy day...but lots of fun!


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