Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bubba the amazing yoga baby!

Okay....I am so jealous of Bubba! The flexability he has astounds me! I don't think I could ever be as flexable especially not now with over 50 pounds of post pregnancy weight to lose! He was in his swing yesterday and he was bending all the way over to suck on his toes! EWWWW, I know, but he was so darn cute I didn't discourage him from doing it. I tried to get a few pics, but everytime I went to take a good shot, he sat up. I will try to get some good ones of this amazing FEET and post them. I think if I tried to bend that far I would either break something or get stuck! He is also making a cute move while trying to crawl, it almost looks like he is a track star getting ready to race! Again, too cute!

I figured out how to add pictures! Cool!!!!


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