Friday, May 12, 2006


We patiently checked for spots the last two weeks, none appeared. Thank God!
Picasso tested my patience this morning. I was reading a beautiful email for mothers day about moms and Dh was getting ready to head out the door to bring Picasso and Buddy to school. When something hit the fan!
It was a bouncy ball of Bubbas. Picasso had kicked it, It hit the ceiling fan, Got sent shooting towards the dining room wall, where it came to an abrupt stop when it collided with my decorative dish holder, two plates came flying off the wall onto the dining room table where one completely shattered and the other has not even a chip!
Picasso looked at me with such a horrified look! I knew he didn't mean it and he was truly sorry, which he told me when he gave me a hug. I was very calm and told him it was okay it was an accident, but that is why mommy has said NOT to play with balls in the house.


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