Friday, May 12, 2006

The Big Yellow House

As I was reading at The Big Yellow House and laughing about the baseball blog. I was reminded of Buddy's game the other night. It is his first year in 'The Majors" and so far his team is doing real well. The coaches are impressed with his skills and he his having a blast with the older boys! But on Wednsday he had a game, only the second one I got to sit and watch from beginning to end so far!
Buddy's team rallied with a couple real good hits the first two innings!
Buddy got put in and I was looking forward to watching him play.
His first up to bat for the game the score was 5 to 2 his team was winning, 2 outs, 2 on base. Buddy steps up to the plate, and I mutter under my breath," No pressure here, Buddy."
Then a couple of the veteran moms turn to me and say " No pressure here for Buddy Huh?"
I laugh, because I doubt they heard me mutter. The poor kid struck out! I felt so bad for him, he doesn't handle pressure well at all.
He struck out every at bat. And his last at bat was the worst pressure of all! The score was close, 2 outs, and the bases were loaded and he struck out again! But his team won and he was not upset at all!
I guess us moms worry a little too much at times!


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