Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tough Ten Year Old

Yesterday Buddy had a baseball game, last one of his regular schedule, except for makeup rain games. DH brought him early, because he wanted to practice before the game. Me, Picasso, and Bubba, were going to meet them at the field when Bubba got up from his nap. Well, Bubba got up and we headed to the game, after the normal wrestling match between Bubba and myself( Known to most moms as diaper change time.).
We got to the game, and my mom asked if anyone had called me? Instantly, panic washes over me. What happened now? How bad is it? Does he need stitches?Is anything broken? All these thoughts ran simeoultanously through my head. My mom must have seen me go pale, because she quickly replied when I said "No..." "He's ok but Buddy got hit in the face with a ball." "Is he okay?" I asked. "yes he is fine he got back out there to practice, but he isn't starting"
So after loading Bubba into the dreaded stroller, which almost folded back up with him in it! I went to check on Buddy. His cheek was puffy and inside his mouth was pretty cut up, but other than that he was fine.
The game started and he sat the bench the first 2 innings, but then he got put in. He played the rest of the game. I won't bore anyone with the details, his team lost.
After the game was ALL-STAR practice. He caught almost every ball hit to him to his coaches amazement! They were joking where this kid came from! Needless to say he did reallyt great! So now starts ALL-STAR season!
Buddy made it through 5 hours of baseball even with being injured! He is one tough cookie and I am so proud of him.


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