Monday, May 29, 2006

Oil and Water.

It has been awhile since I have posted. Been busy, just don't have time to post everyday like I would like to. But today I need to vent( even if it is to nobody in particular..... And even if nobody reads this at least it will be off my chest.)
I try to teach my children to respect people even if they don't like the person because I know that it is impossible to like everyone you meet. Some people just don't mix. Kind of like Oil and Water. I know I don't Like everyone I meet, but I am friendly and respectful because that is how I was brought up. Does that make me two-faced?I don't look at it that way.....Because I am not telling the person I am their friend and then really not being their friend. But anyways...I am trying to help my children understand that it is okay not to like someone, but they must be respectful and friendly. The difficulty is with one of my nieces, I will call her princess perfect. Picasso and Princess Perfect are always having Issues. Picasso is not perfect and I know this, no child is, or adult for that matter. But, Picasso is honest to a fault, I can count on one hand how many times he has lied, and he will tell you exactly how he feels when he feels it whether you like it or not. He tries so hard to have patience and he tries to be respectful and nice to everyone. But he does have buttons that can be pushed and it seems like Princess Perfect knows exactly how to push those buttons. She torments him until he breaks and he does something back and then her mom blames everything on Picasso. It is Never Princess Perfects fault in her moms eyes. Neighbors have witnessed this besides us. We live in the same neighborhood, unfortunately , so she is always around. I love my niece, but she is spoiled. She is an only child and she gets no consistent form of discipline. I am dreading the summer!
Today Picasso and Buddy were playing with two of the other neighborhood boys their age and she wanted to play with them....She is 18 months younger than Picasso. They didn't want to at first...They wanted boy time...But then they decided to let her play a little while later. Well, they were playing a game sort of cops and robbers on their bikes...She was the robber...And the boys were the cops.....She had no problem with that......Then Picasso got off his bike and was trying to "catch" her.....She rode by him on her bike and he grabbed her handle bar to stop her( Not a safe or smart thing to do, but he did it)...She swerved to avoid him catching her and she dumped her bike. Well her mom screamed at him at the top of her lungs don't you ever do that again! I didn't see what happened but I did get the story from Picasso and the other kids. Her mom said she saw the whole thing and he threw her to the ground. I don't believe her at all because like I said she always blames Picasso for everything! A few days ago she sat on her front steps and watched as her perfect daughter threw a ball repeatedly at Picasso while a 12 year old held him! And as I was calling Picasso home because I didn't like what I was seeing her perfect princess was pulling on Picasso's shirt and pushing him because he had grabbed the ball as soon as the 12 year old let go! So when he pushed her back and she fell and her mom yelled at Picasso, DH yelled back that she did it to him first and she said she didn't "see" that, but it happened right before he pushed her. But Princess Perfect admitted to pushing him first. Her mom only sees what she wants to see. So that is why I don't believe her and also ALL the kids told me the same story. I just don't know what to do, I am sick and tired of Picasso being screamed at, especially when 90% of the time it isn't ALL him. If I tell him not to play with her, then her mom will get mad that I told him that because Princess Perfect will cry that he won't and can't play with her. I am going to call her mom tomorrow and discuss the situation....I think....It is such a touchy situation with it being relatives and all. Any advice would be appreciated!!!!!


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