Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bye Bye Sardine Can!!!!!

It is ANOTHER rainy morning! It has rained so much here in the last couple of months, I am so SICK of rain! Bubba is finishing his waffle as the dog sits patiently for any crumbs to land in his lap where she eagerly devours them while tickling his legs with her tongue! Picasso is watching cartoons because he can't go outside right now. Buddy is still sleeping, he loves to sleep in!

We are getting MY new vehicle today! Well it isn't actually NEW it is a used conversion van! I am soooo excited!! No more driving around in the sardine can! Which is what we so affectionately call my Ford Escort Sedan. The boys can hardly fit in my back seat! Buddy is not old enough or weigh enough to sit up front, and of course Bubba has a car seat, and in our state Picasso is not old enough or weigh enough to not have to sit in a booster seat. So that is why we called it a sardine can! They are so squished back there! But once I get my van they will all have plenty of room! I will have room for kids and groceries and anything else I need to have in my car. The boys are excited because it has a TV and VCR in it! I know my little sardine can probably gets better gas mileage but I feel safer in a bigger vehicle! I won't have nightmares of driving my kids around and getting in a car accident and getting hit broad sided! That was my fear driving the sardine can! I have seen my share of car accidents to know what can happen! I know that in ANY car there is risk of injury in a car accident, but hopefully we will all be a little safer now.


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