Thursday, June 29, 2006

The english language and tones!

I don't know wether the conversation between myself and Picasso last night will convey on this post how actually funny it was, but I will try. Please don't be offended! It was really an innocent conversation!

As I walked through the door from Buddy's All-Star Baseball practice this is the conversation that ensued.

Picasso-"Mom, you know that penis?"
Me-" WHAT?"
Picasso- "You know, that Penis, the other day?"
Me- " Picasso, What are you talking about?"
Picasso-" Mom, you know the penis, that the dog made the other day, it was still a little wet."
Me-( Laughing Hysterically)" Oh, you mean PEE-NESS as in where the dog had an accident?"
Picasso-( Looking at me like I have three heads)" Yeah mom."

My mom was down visiting and myself and mom couldn't stop laughing for about 5 minutes after that conversation. Definately one that I will not soon forget!


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