Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Moms Night Out

We had an awesome time last night at the Chris Cagle & Jo-Dee Messina concert. They are two great performers! I have always loved their music, but I didn't realize what a show they both put on. Chris showed emotion several times during his show, I guess he has been going through some personal issues over the last year. It just showed how human these entertainers are. Jo-Dee had her Dad come on stage to get a hug from him.

My neighbor/friend who got the tickets FREE, Angie and I kept watching these three guys during the Jo-Dee Messina portion of the concert. One of them looked like and acted like Chris Cagle and the other two we were assumming were body guards, But alas at the end of the concert we got a better look and all they were were posers!

It was great to get out without the kids and DH, but I did call DH and tried to let him hear Chris Cagle sing Miss Me Baby but he couldn't hear it through my cell phone.

What was really interesting was the diversity of the fans! There were young kids to elderly people and all ages in between. I am a people watcher and I always find it interesting at concerts because there is usually some pretty interesting people at them. Or at least they look interesting. I always wonder what their story is, you know everyone has a story! There was this tween or teenager up front to the stage that I swear had springs on his feet the whole concert! He looked like Tigger on crack! Jo-Dee commented to him several times by name because she had met him earlier at a store where she was signing her new album. She even gave him a kiss on the cheek!

Our next planned night out we are all ( all of us moms in the neighborhood that is) are going out to a new Japanese Steak house in town. That should be fun too!


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