Thursday, July 20, 2006

Surviving insanity!

I think my husband thought I was totally out of my mind last week when I announced to him that I was taking our boys to the beach and letting them each bring a friend. As today approached he kept asking are you going to be okay with them all? If I didn't feel I was going to be okay I wouldn't have offered to take them now, would I?
I was completely prepared this morning. I had written my trusty lists of what I needed to bring, and do before leaving for the beach. I was only running 15 minutes late to pick up Picasso's friend. Then I had trouble finding his house, which I did eventually find. We got to the beach and set up our little camp. Buddy waited for his friend to arrive, he was getting dropped off. When they were all present and accounted for, they went off crabbing and having a grand old time. Later in the afternoon it started to rain, we packed up and headed for the van! We waited a little bit for the rain to stop, which it eventrually did, and we set up camp again.
Only for us to get poured on this time! That was it we were done! We packed up and headed home. Where I made dinner for all five of them and watched them nicely play with race cars and play playstation. Soon they will be asleep, and I will go to bed myself. Completely sane!


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